Leadership Development Matters

Leadership Development Matters

Study after study reach the same simple conclusion – organizations that invest in leadership development outperform those that don’t. A well-attended December conference session co-hosted by Jayne Tellier and Barry Christiansen of Insights Vancouver focused on the strategic approach of leadership development.

Attendees reviewed a case study of the City of Richmond who are using Insights Leadership development programs, and representatives from the city shared key learnings and recommendations for developing leadership capacity within organizations. This municipal government mapped their leadership competencies against the Insights Transformational Leadership model with outstanding results.

Insights offers a unique customized solution to your leadership development initiatives – one uniquely built on self-awareness. Whether you’re beginning from an introductory session such as Beginning the Journey or Discovering Leadership Effectiveness, or looking to leverage existing Insights programs for improved leadership results, Insights Vancouver will work with you to transform your people and your people development strategies. We’ll help you develop customized programs that highlight the ‘preferences’ of your people, and then assist you to move beyond into the ‘capabilities’ of your leadership candidates. Any organization can begin today by integrating Insights into their existing leadership development initiatives.  If you’re just beginning to embark on a leadership development program, we can assist you right from the start.

An incredible day of team building and understanding of one another’s management styles and communication preferences – M.Flanigan, VP-Development, Assert Strategies, BC Housing.

Insights Transformational Leadership focuses on four manifestations of leadership:

  • Results Leadership,
  • Centred Leadership,
  • Relationship Leadership,
  • Visionary Leadership

ITL modelThese four manifestations are further broken down into eight dimensions:

  • Delivering Results,
  • Leading Change,
  • Creating a Compelling Vision,
  • Communicating with Impact,
  • Fostering Teamwork,
  • Facilitating Development,
  • Leading from Within,
  • Agile Thinking

Insights Transformational Leadership explores all aspects of leadership development within the context of your business. Our team of experts guide your leaders through the eight dimensions critical to high performance leadership, enabling them to examine their effectiveness in each area. Leaders can experience all eight dimensions, or just those most relevant to their development journey and career path. Using our world-leading diagnostics, Discovery and Navigator, we work with you to explore your leaders’ preferences and capabilities in a practical and accessible way. We help you create strategies for continuous personal development at the individual, team and organizational level.  We applaud other organizations within our community as they move forward into the ITL space, and we’d particularly like to recognize the entry of BC Housing, and their introduction of Insights Transformation Leadership to senior leaders.

A recent article in the Huffington Post reinforces the argument that adding self-assessments, coaching and instructor-led workshops make a positive impact on leadership in particular with millennials.

In a study for The Center for Creative Leadership, Bersin & Associates found that organizations with strategic approaches to leadership development are:

  • 84% more effective at increasing the quality of their leadership pipeline,
  • 73% more effective at improving overall employee retention &
  • 67% more effective at increasing the engagement, retention and teamwork of leaders.

If you’d like to learn more about Insights leadership development programs, we’ve provided some links to various fact sheets and article, as well as additional resources to help you develop your strategy.  To discuss leadership development options for your organization, contact your client manager or Insights Vancouver.


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Driving Performance: Why Leadership Development matters

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